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The Four Directions PermaCulture Supports the Gift of Sustainability through Rio Salado Permaculture Guild.
5% of the Proceeds from the FDPC PDC will go to this "Pay it Forward" Non-Profit Organization.

Logo Symbology

The Willow Hoop

The hoop represents the circle of life, or the wholeness of life and the Earth

The Feathers

The feathers represent the four winds or the four directions

The Thread

The thread represents the web of life, the interconnectivity of all living beings. When one strand is activated then all the strands are in play.

The Crystal

Enhances the good dreams/visions

The Whole Image

The depiction of the dream catcher is applied in two different aspects. One as a lucky charm, and the other as a catcher of bad dreams when placed over a person’s head.

I prefer my version in that this symbol is there to catch your dream of a sustainable home site and have it made real with my help. Holding the intent to connect each aspect of a system and have it support others, thereby being sustainable.