What Is Xeriscape

Xeriscape pronounced (Zeer-I-Scape)

Landscapes that reflect the beauty of the natural desert of the southwest "Sonoran" area. Xeriscape does not mean "Zero". Many plants that are adaptable to this area are from South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Caribbean, and then other plants that can tolerate the challenging conditions of the Southwest desert.
There are the seven horticultural aspects that define the Xeriscape style.
1. Good landscape planing and design.
2. Appropriate turf (lawn) areas.
3. Efficient irrigation.
4. Use of soil amendments
5. Use of mulches.
6. Incorporation of low water use plants.
7. Appropriate maintenance of the project.

There are such an abundant variety of plants to use when you take into account the micro areas that perhaps - shades in the afternoon, protects from frost, or has a seasonal aspect. Typically a more oasis/tropical look is used next to the house with an increasing desert look further away.
You can read all about this in a handout from your local city / garden center / or arboretum. Ask for:
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